Real Estate Photography

Sky is the limit with what we can do-

Still photo tours

Video Tours

Aerial Tours

Neighborhood features

The list is endless for what we can do, but each property of course has different needs to show it at its best. Some need special time of day to look their best, some need the right kind of technology. As a photographer, my job is to get you the images that get you showings.

One advantage with using me over other photographers is I can talk to you about each property on an individual basis and help you decide how best to showcase it within your budget. You can trust me to always have integrity and never “sell” you anything you don’t need.

On average when you are counting images needed it is a good idea to plan on an average of 2 images per room plus 6 images for the exterior.

So pricing-

A basic still home package begins at $150 for 15 still images edited and delivered with publication/print rights

For small homes, or homes that won’t show well because of tenants or condition etc. This is often the best choice

A 25 image package fits most average Utah homes inside and out and would be $250

Aerial photos add to any package for $50 for still images, $100 for stills and Video. Some homes will really show well with aerial tours, some it highlights things you won’t want to show prospects so you can count on me always being honest about whether it will help or not.

Neighborhood feature add on- Perhaps there is a golf course or walking path or some other great nearby feature to highlight. For an additional $50 we can add up to 10 images of local features or attractions.

Larger homes and luxury homes I usually recommend at least 50 images to highlight particular features, rooms etc. a 50 image tour is $350 and I often recommend the best times of day for that shoot so the home looks it’s best.

Normally I calculate travel at $0.63 mile going and coming, so we can also save money if you have multiple shoots we can stage back to back averaging the cost across several listings. For example if Lehi is $30 round trip in travel, and we had 3 home in Lehi all on the same day, that is only $10 per home, vs all three shot different days becomes $90 total.

I am pretty patient and will work with the homeowner and yourself during the shoot to make sure we are presenting the home as well as we can. As you know some homes there just isn’t much you can do, but other homes a few simple things make a huge difference.

360 Video walk through tours are $100 added to any package, or $150 as a standalone. Video walk-throughs are best on new construction, and vacant staged homes since it doesn’t give us the chance to hide junk from one room to another as we go.

The other thing I can say with honesty and integrity is that there are cheaper photographers out there, but I am the only one with an MFA education in photography. What that means to you is I am not simply “documenting” a home, I am creating art that will draw in buyers. Drawing them in results in showings, and that turns of course into offers and sales.

Our current generation is so programmed for constant immediate gratification that we always have to stay one step ahead of what the others are doing. Right now that means aerials and video because the movement and new technology stands out from all the other “basic” listings.