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Thank you for taking a moment to check us out! I promise to be brief and make it worth your time, we realize your time is very valuable and we are anxious to help you in your business. Steve has worked with Animals for over 35 years as a trainer and caregiver. His B.S was in Animal Science and his Masters degree is photography making him the expert you want to work with. Steve has experience with nearly all species.



  • We love to work with our pet pros in four different areas depending on what your needs are.

  • 1) Professional images of your facility and team members for all your media needs

    Allow us to create professional images of your facility and team members for your website, social media, and print advertising needs. There is a big difference in customer response between professional imaging and iphone photos from one of the staff.

  • 2) Artwork to warm up your facility and make people feel comfortable

    We have a huge library of images to decorate with making your clients feel welcome and comfortable.

  • 3) Collaborative photoshoots with your clients

    We love to come to your facilities and set up our mini studio allowing you to offer a new service to your clients and make money while doing it.

  • 4) Wholesale Pet CBD products

    Projected to be a 22 billion dollar industry by 2022 you don't want to miss the "green rush." These products help animals with anxiety and inflammation primarily reducing need for drugs that are harmful for kidneys and livers. All animals (other than insects) have a built in EndoCannibinoid system specifically designed to utilize CBD

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How we will help you grow your business

  • Stock Art

    If you are looking for great images that are ready to go and hang on your walls, we have a vast library to choose from. If you have something particular in mind that isn't listed, feel free to contact us! There is a possibility we have it or can get it quickly. Visit our library here https://the-photo-shop.com/shop/

  • Professional imaging of your team and facility

    Professional imaging of your facility and team members will make you stand out from your competitors and make your digital presence more inviting.

  • Collaborative photoshoots

    One of the best ways to get people back in through the door is to offer them premium new services such as professional photo-shoots. This gets them face to face with you on property again allowing you to cross promote, reconnect and create great memories together. Everyone wins as we create more content for your social media, and your clients have priceless artwork to remember the day and their special pets as well.

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  • We love you
  • We’ll take care of you
  • We want to make this a long-term partnership
  • We’re committed to excellence