About Us


Too often we don’t realize the value of a moment until it becomes a memory…and those memories all too often fade with time. Our professional photographers will beautifully capture and present those memories so that they are with you always.


We are based in Spanish Fork, Utah, but love to travel around the country and the globe, creating art for discerning clients who invariably become our friends.


With a combined experience of over forty years of photography plus specialized experience and education in animal behavior, education and graphic design, we offer a level of talent and expertise that simply can’t be matched.

With a BS in Animal Science and a Masters of Fine Art in Photography, Steve specializes in pet, commercial, fine art landscape, and real estate photography. He has a unique blend of passion and talent which make him perfectly suited to create beautiful memories of your pet. Steve has won international competitions in both photography and dog sports competitions, proof of his unique ability to meld both passions into amazing art that you will treasure.

Becca has a degree in Graphic Design and specializes in wedding, family, child, newborn and fine art landscape photography, along with graphic design. She loves working with families to capture special memories, and has a special gift capturing the personalities of her subjects. She especially loves the beautiful chaos of photographing weddings.

Both Steve and Becca are masters of light, with a professional’s understanding of equipment, focal length, lens choices and angles. They will work with you to learn exactly what you want and then print and produce spectacular works of art on site; your art will not be sent off to a faceless corporation but will be thoughtfully and meticulously created. And just as important, they are patient and compassionate with everyone they work with (both people and animals!), understanding that to create more than a snapshot requires not just professional expertise and equipment but a willingness to listen and a true love for people and their pets.


Our goal is to provide you with art that you will treasure and pass down to future generations, capturing memories that will never fade with time.

Working with Steve you will quickly understand that he sees and experiences the world differently than most, and sees and experiences people differently as well. His photography represents his unique perspective, which can best be described as “compassionate”. Steve sees the best in every person, animal, landscape, even inanimate objects that he comes across, and through his art he is able to capture those best qualities and present them to the world.