Wonderful little art Gallery and studio in Utah county

The-Photo-Shop was established 4 years ago as a photography and art studio with emphasis on education and growth in individual artists. Hosting several contests and shows each year the goal is artistic growth through juried and judged competitions with individual feedback. Each judge is specifically selected for given themes, and advice given ahead of time for what the judge looks for in their decision making. 

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Offering sales of originals and prints through competitions

You can only sell an original once. Pieces in our shows and competitions are most often available for sale as originals and we facilitate offering numbered prints of your works as well through out expert reproduction services.


Attend our open house at the opening of each show and meet the artists.

Often artists attend the opening of each show and you have the opportunity to meet them in person. You are sure to meet some wonderful creative people and experience wonderful art. 

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Current Contest Theme and Judge

The current contest theme is “Light within” That will be judged by Steve Parsons. Steve graduated with his MFA in photography, and has taught many photography classes and workshops all around the world. Asked what he looks for when judging, he said that to him, concept and artist statement carry a lot of weight in his judging. Technical acumen matters, and print presentation is king. He said that he expects artists to make deliberate choices about medium, process and technique that support the overall image. He also indicated that final presentation size must be in support of the image and concept as well. He himself is a photographer, but loves paintings, sculpture and mixed media as well having worked with many other artists in his lifetime. He encourages artists to video record their artist statement and submit it along with their entry though it is not mandatory. Open house will be Monday December 2nd and the show will run through Monday December 23rd

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